Welcome to south wayanad agri centre - coffee exporter

Coffee plantations in Wayanad region of India is unique and grown under ideal climatic conditions. These coffee plantations are the livelihood of large number of farmers in this region. Our company role is to procure the harvested coffee cherries from these farmers which are processed, dried, milled and graded using advanced technology and are made available for global markets.
Around 80% of farmers who are members of South Wayanad Agri Centre (SWAC) are following organic methods for coffee cultivation. Abundant rainfall received in this region and organic manure used for plantations makes the coffee grown in this region unique for its flavor and taste.
The best quality coffee plants are grown in the hilly tracts of Wayanad. The coffee growers make sure that these coffee beans are made available to SWAC’s processing unit. These coffee beans are properly dried, cleaned, graded sorted & packed according to its quality and supply to the customers.

Robusta, Arabica coffee beans of AAA, AA, AB, PB, BBB, C & OGB grades are available in large quantities with SWAC and can be made available to the export markets worldwide. SWAC deals with its customers with utmost honesty and is also registered and licensed under Coffee Board, Government of India.
Ginger : 875 Hectares of Ginger Plantation too is owned by the members of SWAC. Most of these are spread out in the Karnataka and Wayanad (Kerala) Regions. The farmers of SWAC are cultivating 972000 bags of ginger in every year. We are marketing these products in India and the Gulf regions. SWAC farmers are guided and instructed by the Agricultural Scientists through seminars and classes on the correct use of organic as well as other harmless fertilizers and medicines that can help in the quality production of coffee and ginger.
SWAC tries to keep the members united and in harmony by organizing get-togethers for them and their families at regular intervals.